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Material Classifications of Toiletry Bag

Simple Plastic Toiletry Bag

They are totally made by plastic film materials such as PVC. Some materials are printed with various colors and patterns. Then with a simple zipper and handle, a bath bag is finished. Toiletry bag have different shapes such as rectangular, half circle and oval. There are also varieties of colors! They can be divided into pink, blue, purple, green and yellow on the base of the market! The known using time of these bath bags is about 6 months for now! If the quality is better, the using time will be longer. Of course, it depends on the personal usage!


Leather Toiletry Bag

As the name implies, they are made of leathers. In terms of simple plastic bags, they can be viewed as upgraded products. They have various shapes such as circular, rectangular, square and roller type! Some leather bath bags are printed with exquisite patterns. They are suitable for different crowds!




They are totally made by rubber net materials. They are characterized as water leakage and ventilation. Wash appliances in the bath bag are liable to be dried and won’t produce odors. They are more suitable for long-term travel. Because of the specificity of the materials, the surface cannot be printed any words or patterns!


Combination of leather and rubber Toiletry Bag

This product is a kind of combination that bases on leathers and take rubber nets as a supplement. Rubber nets are mainly used at the bottom and two sides and for the purpose of drainage and exhaust, which have solved the closure of all-leather bags!


Imitation linen Toiletry Bag

Imitation linen wash bags are the most popular ones at present! The imitation linen is actually a kind of strong rubber hard net. The surface looks like the linen shape and color. The advantages of these bags are heat-resistant, low temperature-resistant and not easy to be broken. The common maximum weight of this kind of wash bags is about 15kg.



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