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Cleaning and Maintenance of Handbags

The fabrics of cloth bags are usually canvas, denim and cotton and the lining is often nylon and cotton. In general, cloth bags can be cleaned by dry cleaning or washing. The bags that have more stripes and bright colors must be dry-cleaned, or they will fade. The dirty cloth bags can be washed with clean water with a small amount of detergent. Then brushing back and forth gently with a small hair brush. The general cloth bags can be cleaned with a small hair brush to remove the dust. Sometimes, we can use an iron to iron them and make them keep shape and beauty.



Canvas and Cotton bags

Let them soak for 15 minutes in the salt water and then brush them with soap and a soft brush. We’d better wash them with low-temperature water, dry them from reverse side and iron in moderate temperature. Here we have to note that leather products cannot be soaked in solution or exposed to sun. Taking the removable decorations away before washing.


Leather bags

These bags are mainly made of cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, PVC and suede. The upper-level bags are usually attached with maintenance instructions. We need to pay attention to the following points:

1. General leather bags need oil maintenance and irregular cleaning. Firstly, we daub the oil on the clean cotton cloth and then rub the surface evenly so that to avoid damaging the leather due to rubbing the oil into the leather directly. Here we have to pay special attention to is to avoid chemical damages, and to prevent the hard leather bags from impacting and scratching by sharp materials.

2. Leathers are of strong absorption. Therefore, we should pay attention to anti-fouling, especially for those high-grade sand leathers.

3.  After touching water, we wring out the towel. Repeat this process and swabbing for several times . We do this usually once a week.

4.  If there are stains on the leather, we should wipe with a clean wet sponge with tepid detergent. Then, let it dry naturally. We can have a try in an inconspicuous corner before using.

5. If it is stained with grease, we can wipe the stain with cloth. The rest can dissipate naturally or be cleaned with cleaning agent. No water scrub.

6. Hardware maintenance on leathers: swabbing after detergent. For example, if there is micro-oxygenation on the hardware, we can swab it with flour or toothpaste gently.ardware maintenance on leathers: swabbing after detergent. For example, if there is micro-oxygenation on the hardware, we can swab it with flour or toothpaste gently.

7. The pearlite layer leathers are usually wiped with a soft cloth because they are gloss and not easy to absorb dust.

8. Maintenance of gloss leathers: Please dip the soft cloth in the oil for the leather special maintenance a little and then rub them on the leather hard.

9. For the maintenance of matte leathers, we just need to wipe it with cloth gently. If the dirt is not easy to be removed, we can use a rubber.

10.The natural oil of leather itself will reduce with the long time and using too many times. Therefore, even senior leathers need regular maintenance.

11. If leather products produce stains, we can use the same color leather with alcohol gently brush away stains on the film. If the suede products are stained, we can rub the stains directly. We can just brush along the hair direction with a soft brush.


Suede bags

First, cleaning the film according to the routine cleaning method. Then, cleaning the plush part again with tepid solution. We need to put the plush part at the top when dry it. If it is rainy days, we’d better use the dryer. When we clean the plush part once again, we can use tepid soap solution and detergent solution. However, we find that net collar is better than other cleaning agents in terms of keeping products fresh and avoiding fading. Thus, it is better to use net collar.



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