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How do we choose the cosmetic bag

Every lady has an inherent love of beauty. In order to show their best appearance to others all the time, cosmetic bags are definitely the indispensable item for them. Sometimes, girls have to dress up with fashionable decorations so that to raise their spirits. So do you know how to purchase a fashionable cosmetic bag?


Exquisite appearance: since it is a carry bag, the size must be appropriate. In general, we recommend that the size within 18cm×18cm is the most appropriate one. The side had better leave some width so that we can put all items inside. At the same time, they are able to be put in the large bag and won’t appear heavy.


Light material: the weight of materials is also a necessary factor that we have to consider. The lighter of the material, the less burden it will cause when we carry it. The cosmetic bags that made of cloth and plastic cloth are the most convenient. In addition, the skin had better adopt wear-resisting and durable materials. They can be used for a long time without excessive decorations.


Multi-layer design : because we usually put many fine items into the cosmetic bag and we have to place them regularly, with a hierarchical style, it will be more easy for us to arrange various categories. Currently, the more intimate design of makeup bags even contain lipstick, powder puff and pen-shaped tool regions. With so many separated pouches, we can not only see everything clearly, but we can also protect them from broken due to collision with each other.


Selecting our own style: we should check our usual habit of carrying items first. If the items are mostly pen-shaped as well as flat makeup plates, the wide and flat and multi-layer style is more suitable. If the items are mainly base on bottles and cans, we had better choose those with wide sides so that we can make items upright and the liquid inside won’t leak out easily.




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