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Introduction of Cooler Bag Materials

Today we are going to introduce Cooler Bag. There are lots of cooler bag brands on the market. Bunny will share some relevant knowledge about cooler bags with you in the following. Actually, cooler bag can keep constant temperature. In other words, not only can cooler bag keep cold, but it also can keep warm. Therefore, the materials it uses are a kind of super thick insulated cotton which can play a role of thermal insulation. The bag that can keep cold is called cooler bag which is equivalent to the movable refrigerator. Cooler bags are often used for freezing fruit and drinks on the market. Now we are going to make detailed introductions to you below.


The material:

The common Insulation Package materials on the market (especially as promotional gifts by companies) are mostly non-woven fabrics and aluminum film pearl cotton, and then are Oxford cloth or polyester. Cooler bags are usually made by nylon and oxford cloth. The advantages of these two kinds of fabrics are durable and wear-resistant. They are often used with waterproof glue and equipped with a mat at the bottom.


The pattern:

Generally, Insulation Package is screen printing and color pattern. Non-woven fabric insulation package can be coated, thermal transfer printing or offset printing. Oxford cloth or polyester insulation bags prefer to choose thermal transfer printing.



Residues inside the insulation bag are easy to produce terrible odor. Therefore, we have to clean it regularly. Open the upper cover and clean it with a soft towel or sponge that have dipped in warm water or neutral detergent. After the detergent, we have to clean it with water and then dry it with a dry cloth.

Removing the dust on the top of the insulation package regularly so that it won’t affect the appearance. Note: when cleaning the insulation package, don’t sprinkle water on the box or inside the box, or the man-made damage to the box body will infiltrate into the insulation layer.
Note: 1. Do not be exposed to open flames or cut with sharp tools. 2. Avoiding long-term exposure to rainy, humid or sunlight environment, or it will affect the insulation effect.

We all know that cooler bag is a kind of material that can keep constant temperature, so we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the cooler bag. Here we have to mention that cooler bag can keep warm and cold. It mainly introduce the cold insulation of the cooler bag above, actually, it can also keep warm. For example, the food preservation can use it.




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