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Features and Functions of Cooler Bags

Keeping Hot and Cold

Heat preservation and cold preservation are the basic functions of insulation packages and are a kind of special bag that can reach a thermal preservation effect in a short time. The insulation package is able to keep warm/cold. The insulation layer is pearl cotton and aluminium foil which can provide with an excellent heat insulation effect. Heat-retaining time: about 3-4h(the more heat of the food, the longer time of holding). Cold-preserving time: it’s 8-10h when holding iced food or beverage( with 3-4 ice bags, the cold-preserving time will be as long as 24-26 hours ). The insulation bag is not a charged product. All the cold and heat energies depend on the food. The insulation bag just extends the time. However, because of the variable environmental temperature, it can’t totally achieve the limit time above.



Insulation package is supposed to have excellent impact resistances. When pressed heavily or impacted, it won’t be broken easily or leave scratches. Good-quality insulation package is durable.



This is the primary consideration when choosing an insulation bag. Although various brands are sealed in different ways, the excellent seal is the necessary condition for keeping food fresh in a long term.


keeping Fresh

The international standard of sealing measurement is evaluated by the test for water vapor permeability. The water vapor permeability of good-quality insulation packages is less 200 times than those similar products and the former can keep food fresh in a longer time.


Versatility and diversity

Cold preservation is generally called ice bag which can be used as mobile refrigerator for chilling drinks and fruit, milk/tea/seafood and other food preservation. Additionally, it can also be used for refrigerating and transporting medicines, vaccines and other products. Heat preservation is usually used for holding food such as lunch, delivered food and so on.


Environmental protection

Insulation package should be made by materials that belong to food-grade environmental protection materials, for example, it should be non-toxic, tasteless, anti-ultraviolet and uneasy to discolor.




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