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Handbag Types applicable occasions

According to the style and use, bags can be classified as bags for daily use(including leisure bags, fashion bags, banquet and evening bags,barrel bags, dance bags, purses, beach bags, cosmetic bags, wallets), business and occupation bags(including ladies bags, men’s bags, briefcases), sports and travel bags, special bags(including student bags, computer bags,camera bags, mobile phone bags, key cases), creative bags and so on.


Leisure bag

Leisure bags often go with casual clothing. They can be classified as clutch, shoulder bag, clip package, backpack and cable package etc. This kind of bag has advantages of casual styles and is most widely applicable. Leisure bags often adopt half hard and soft body design in the shape. There are a variety of different shapes and styles and they are different in the design of switch. There are many design forms such as plane segmentation, three-dimensional fold and weaving in the structure. Leisure bags are rich in color changes. Both the monochrome and multicolour combined design schemes can be available. The materials mostly apply soft leather or soft bag cloth. The surfaces and corners of the bag create a free and lively leisure feeling through attaching a decorative pattern and a variety of exquisite accessories.




Fashion bag

Fashion bags are designed specially for fashion and are of strong epidemic and timeliness. Fashion bags pay attention to trendiness and fashion in the application of style and material. Sometimes they will be very popular because of the material. In general, the shape and applicable material of fashion bags are in accordance with the type of fashion clothes. Fashion bags are based on concise square and adopt some curve design elements with feminine characteristics by internal segmentation, pattern and decorative accessories. Color design is mainly base on monochrome such as black, brown and red. In addition, they are designed according to the popular color card. Fashion bags usually employ natural leather and synthetic leather. Some processes including water dying, sides opening and embroidering can form various  colors with different effects. Modern ladies have good economic abilities and are shopping mainstream. Designers should take advantages of this and make bag designs a kaleidoscope of appealing so that to make them exciting as variable clothes.



Evening bag

The decoration of banquet and evening bags is greater than the practicability. They are often used for formal social occasions, for example, dinner, parties and so on. This type of package is thin and small, and its surface is decorated with artificial beads, metal sheets, embroidery pattern, laces and metal wire.



Dance Bag

The appearance of barrel bag is cylindrical. Barrel bags are often used for daily life and going out and they are generally made of leather or oxford cloth materials. According to the size of them, they can be divided into small barrel, barrel and large barrel. The colors are mainly based on monochrome or multicolour combination.


Waist bag

Purses are often fixed at the waist and are small. The functional requirements of purses have caused some changes on the original ones. They are often made of leather, synthetic fiber or printed denim. The color often adopts that achromatic color goes with color or gray color. They are applicable to travel or daily life.



Beach bag

Beach bags are of strong leisure feeling. They are mostly made of light materials such as colorful cloth, printed cloth, canvas, twill cloth, straw, hemp, transparent material and leather. The styling of beach bags is relatively simple and the body changes are uniform. The color is based on bright colors. They are of strong feminine sense and often used for going out and seaside leisure time.



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