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Top 5 Materials Used Make Aprons

Rubber Aprons

Rubber aprons are also called work aprons, chemical-resistant aprons and insulation aprons. They are applicable to electronics, bio medicine, chemistry, printing and electroplating. There are different specifications such as single rubber and double rubber. They are based on natural rubbers and cotton fabrics and used as abdominal protective products for people who often contact acid and alkaline. Aprons on the market are mainly divided into six categories:


Aprons Materials

Non-woven Aprons

Non – woven fabrics belong to a kind of non wovens. They form new fiber products with soft, breathable and plane structures through various fiber web forming methods and consolidation technologies by directly employing polymer chips, short fibers or filaments. They are more economical, firmness and environmental .


RPET Aprons

Renewable PET fabrics belong to a new type of environmental fabric. Yarns are made from discarded mineral water bottles and coke bottles. So they are also known as coke bottle green cloth(RPET fabric). Recycled PET fabrics are made by making use of recycled environmental fiber materials extracted from coke bottles. Namely, they are made through rolling the recycled coke bottles into pieces and ladder processing. They are renewable and able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions effectively. They can save nearly 80% of energies than those polyester fibers produced in the conventional process.


Cotton aprons

Cotton aprons are generally soft, anti – sensitive, easy to clean, anti-pilling and very hygienic.


Canvas aprons

Canvas aprons are wear-resistant and dirt-proof as well as waterproof.



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