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In Beijing, a grand military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the war attracted world attention. Far away in Guangzhou, Mr Li Shuanglin turn on the TV, a little excited. He is different from most of the people, he is not just a spectator. in the screen, national leaders and soldiers are using Senrong bags and his design of the service pack. This service package is divided into blue, red, green, yellow four colors, one side printed with the dove of peace, one side printed with the 70th anniversary logo. Senrong bags as other products, simple and plain, but without losing the texture. More than 40,000 people to the ceremony each one, loaded with glory and memories.

When asked about Li Shuanglin, Why Senrong bags get this lucky chance, he smiled and said: “I do not think we have a large scale or because of good quality, but because we are a warm family enterprise.” Senrong bags temperature is 37.2 degrees. This started in foreign trade, foreign trade-oriented enterprises, the people has been the most valuable asset. Faced with ever-changing market opportunities and challenges, Li Shuanglin brand and the confidence entrusted to the fate of all Senrong bags people.

“Well done staff, two or three years to buy a car, but first of all have the same values.”
Talent is the most important part of the overall foreign trade enterprise solutions, enterprises can determine the firm in the sea. And Li Shuanglin know, Senrong bags’s core competitiveness is the talent. The staff of 80, 90, after the main, Li Shuanglin quipped, like him after the 70 “old” Rarely.

However, as a young dynamic team, they are able to control the rate of brain drain in the peer low, even if occasionally it was also often leave for family reasons such as marriage, with a Thanksgiving leave. Straightforward Li Shuanglin unabashedly tells eight words: emotionally moving, convincing people to “benefit.” The company has the ability of employees and annual revenues of hundreds of thousands to mention, do two or three years to buy a car buy a house.

But if you think this is the ultimate big move, a bit too simple. Pay employees return is only a means to keep people floating on the surface, really play a role in making the sum-stable personnel structure, strict recruitment system. In Senrong bags, the first measure is to recruit people element values and mission.

Li Shuanglin is very much agree with Ali’s employment outlook. During these years with the international stand together before the trip, he put in for the Iron management and discipline in the eyes, profound cultural influence by Ali, and in order to create a unique concept of talent Senrong bags. Eventually appointed employees, it must be recognized Senrong bags culture. Here advocating innovation and independence, tirelessly pursue artisan spirit. Li Shuanglin believe that only minded partners, in order to run away together.

“We want entrepreneurial employees, we encourage them to start”
Senrong bags saying dialect, “not as good as racing horses.” Are the backbone of the internal trained airborne just a complementary way. As one of the few among the industry, the rapid development of the brands, they have been hired dare entrepreneurial talent.

Bags Manufacturing has a “strange phenomenon”, learned the doorway of sales are out alone, become old club competitors. For this reason many employers can not ask the clerk, please come back here who are basically anti-dodging where the core business can not let go, worried employees take the time away customers. The result is that enterprises tuck hidden, little has been done.

And Li Shuanglin opposite tack, employing bold, assured even bother to inspire employees “for their hard work and” business mission. He did not like the staff as a pawn formations. He cherish, respect, appreciation and the pursuit of individual employees. He will give each man weaving a sum-growing entrepreneurial dream.

Learn from the practice of Ali Senrong bags axis with different products, the establishment of 12 Division, and the implementation partner system. Between different divisions of the coexistence of competition and cooperation relations, self-financing, the staff is their boss. This open system provides employees realize their business possible. Even more unusual is that there is a large enough sum-platform and space, with a mature development partner for you, production, marketing team, so that start-up costs come lower, the risk is smaller.

Turning to the driving force of this bold attempt, business background of Li Shuanglin very clear to the staff wanted to learn new things, learn things want to make money, make money to pursue their own development, and when these have not been met, it I want to start. From staff development point of view, he was just with them.

“Faced with 90, we choose no matter”
90 staff management is a headache for many entrepreneurs to work, this is the creativity of a generation, a generation is unmanaged. “After 70 elderly” Li Shuanglin chose to let go.

Senrong bags advocates humane management, employees are not required to punch, to maximize the value of employees to create space. Getting there with the new master. But under loose management employees to be responsible for their own results. 271 assessment system implemented here, the best people get promoted, keep up the pace of minority partners face elimination. Li Shuanglin reminds us that this is with Ali learning.

90-minute exchange with Li Shuanglin years, has not left a “person”, he said he was concerned about the fledgling city of one thousand one hundred schools project, graduates Senrong bags important talent reserve force. We can feel the impact of this company Ali recruit people employing cultural flavor. Very fortunate, such as Li Shuanglin, the man regarded as entrepreneurs more and more wealth, they used to keep trying, the first step in the overall foreign trade enterprise solutions, with a temperature of depicting a human blueprint.



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